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Full modern manufacturing facilities offering in-house pattern making, CNC machining, vacuum forming & MDF CNC cutting.

Welcome to Tillobie

Welcome to Tillobie, where innovation meets precision in Vacuum Forming, Plastic Fabrication, CNC Cutting, Acrylic Fabrication and MDF CNC Cutting.

With a commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solutions for a wide range of industries.

Our Expertise

Vacuum Forming

Tillobie | Plastics & Vacuum Forming Specialists

Plastic Fabrication

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Why choose Tillobie?

Quality Assurance: Every product undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets or exceeds industry standards.
Innovation: We thrive on challenges, turning innovative ideas into reality through cutting-edge technology.
Custom Solutions: Tailoring our services to your unique requirements, we offer custom solutions that address your specific needs.
Reliability: With a track record of delivering on time and within budget, you can trust us with your projects.